Things I’ve made or contributed to over the years.

I’ve worked on tons of projects since I started developing, most of which are just for fun. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Invii

    All-in-one restaurant management platform and payment facilitator.

    Vue, Nuxt, TailwindCSS, Figma

  • Codex

    A free in-browser bioinformatics platform with a focus on privacy.

    Next.js, React, TailwindCSS, IndexedDB

  • Community Center

    A collection of open-source Stardew Valley tools and resources.

    Next.js, React, TypeScript, TailwindCSS


    My personal website and blog.

    Next.js, React, TailwindCSS, Figma

  • Capsl

    An experimental supplement personalization and delivery service.

    Next.js, React, TailwindCSS, Figma, Supabase