The tools I use to build things.


  • TypeScript

    I started using TypeScript in 2022 and it’s quickly become my go-to language for frontend development.

  • JavaScript

    I’ve been using JavaScript since I really started focusing on frontend around 2020. I still use it for some projects, but I’ve been using TypeScript more and more lately.


    HTML and CSS are the first languages I learned when I started developing in 2017.


  • Next.js

    Awesome framework for building React apps. I’ve been using Next.js for about a year now and I love it. The built-in features like image optimization and static site generation are great, and the community is awesome.

  • React

    I learned React through Next.js and I’ve been using it ever since.

  • Vue

    I learned Vue in 2021 and I’ve been using it for a few projects since then, namely Invii, but I’ve been using React with Next.js more recently.

  • Nuxt

    Cool framework for building Vue apps. I’ve used it for a few projects at Invii.

  • TailwindCSS

    The best CSS framework out there. After using other frameworks like Bootstrap and Bulma for a while, switching to Tailwind was a game changer. I love the utility-first approach, the customization options, and the awesome community resources, and I use it for all of my projects.